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1. Who is the new prime minister in Ireland?

A) Brian Cowan

B) Mary McCullis

C) Enda Kenny

D) Leo Varadkar

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2. What is the quality of India in the World Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index 2017?

A) 37 th

B) 26 th

C) 45 th

D) 58 th

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3.Who is the Indian-Americans who won the 90th Cribs National Spelling Bee?

A) Sourav Thasar

B) Srinivasa Vokodi

C) Ananya Vinay

D) Rohan Sachdev

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4.What is the IIT created by "AmbuSens" wireless technology to monitor patients in the hospital?

A) Rourke

B) Kharagpur

C) Madras

D) Mumbai

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5.World's Environment Day is Observed on

A) June 6

B) June 7

C) June 5

D) June 4

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6.International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression Day 2017

A) June 5

B) June 4

C) June 3

D) June 2

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