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CURRENT AFFAIRS - QUIZ - 05-September-2017

1.name of the military exercise which is conducted between india and nepal

A) sankiran

B) suryakiran

C) malabar

D) sakthi mithra

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2.recently 7th pay commision has announced , how many years once pay commission be commisioned

A) 6 years

B) 5 years

C) 10 years

D) 20 years

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3.on teachers day Prakarti khoj, an environment awareness initiative was launcherd by

A) environment ministry

B) home ministry

C) defence ministry

D) health ministry

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4. who got first recipient Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award along with politician C. Rajagopalachari, scientist C. V. Raman

A) dr servapallli radhakrishnan

B) rabindranath tagore

C) dr apj abdul kalam

D) jawaharlal nehru

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5.who is the first woman to become a full-time defence minister of the country.

A) dr muthuilakshmi reddy

B) sarojiuni naidu

C) nirmala seetharaman

D) smiti irani

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6.India’s first World Heritage City by UNESCo is

A) ahamedabad

B) ajanta

C) tanjore

D) kanchipuram

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7.one belt one road (obor) refers to which country

A) india

B) china

C) usa

D) uk london

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8.rohingya tribes belongs to which country

A) india

B) bangladesh

C) srilanka

D) myanmar

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9.chambahar port is located in which countyry

A) iran

B) iraq

C) bangladesh

D) srilanka

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10.recently tigers from assam is intoduced in which tiger reserve centre

A) buxa west bengal

B) anamalai tamil nadu

C) andhra pradesh

D) odisha chilka

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11. ‘Locky Ransomware’ refers to

A) software (need)

B) hard ware

C) computer virus

D) auto mobile

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