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CURRENT AFFAIRS - QUIZ - 08-September-2017

1.when is international literacy day is observed

A) aug15

B) may1

C) sep8

D) dec25

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2.who is recently elected as chairman of press trust of india

A) viveck goenka

B) yv reddy

C) ak mishra

D) justice lodha

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3.India’s first Hyperloop project will come up in which state

A) tamil nadu

B) karnataka

C) arunachal pradesh

D) andhra pradesh

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4.india’s zero-subsidy UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable Lighting for All) Scheme was launched in which foreighn country recently

A) singapore

B) indnesia

C) malaysia

D) usa

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5.name of India-Sri Lanka joint maritime naval exercise

A) slinex

B) simbex

C) suryakiran

D) sakthi mithra

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6.whom become first indian to be signed by australian basketball team recently

A) major nk singh

B) mahender rathore

C) zoran lukic

D) amrit pal singh

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7.which country recently tested hydrogen bomb and many missiles continously

A) south korea

B) india

C) north korea

D) england

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8.which india;s International Airport gets Energy Efficiency Award

A) hyderabad

B) delhi

C) mumbai

D) coimbatore

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9.which indian city is called as nawabs city ,recently that city got metro train

A) bhopal

B) lucknow

C) coimbatore

D) chennai

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10.recently scientist have found new earth like planet it have evidence of water name of the planet is

A) trappist 1

B) borado

C) roboto

D) cystron

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11.what is the name of new controller auditor general of india

A) rk mishra

B) sakthi skandadas

C) shri sashi kant sharma

D) kamath

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