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CURRENT AFFAIRS - QUIZ - 12-September-2017

1.project insights referred to

A) commerece project

B) chemical project

C) environment project

D) income tax project

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2.contact @dgf is launched by which ministry

A) ministry of defence

B) ministry of environment

C) ministry of trade and commerce

D) home ministry

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3.What is CARB X?

A) car anti braking system

B) computer array radar based

C) combating antiguided range ballisticmissile

D) Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (CARB)

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4.article 35(a) refers to

A) j&k

B) tamil nadu

C) nagaland

D) manipur

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5. FSSAI launches online platform for food inspection, sampling i s called as

A) sampada

B) food for all


D) fodosious

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6.which country tops global financial centre index

A) usa

B) india

C) australia

D) london

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7.Which parliament passed EU Bill recently?

A) german

B) british

C) india

D) pakistan

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8.What is the name of the naval ship which was flagged off by the Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Goa ?

A) ins virat

B) ins dhavan

C) ins tarani

D) ins kolkata

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