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1.which state has hosted first Videsh Sampark programme

A) Telugana

B) Andrapradesh

C) Karnataka

D) Maharashtra

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2.who is the chief minister of sikkim

A) Mukul sangma

B) Pawan Kumar chamling

C) Biren sing

D) None of these

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3.World Red Cross and Red crescent Day is observed on which date

A) May 6

B) May 8

C) May 10

D) None of These

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4.which state has decided to launch boat ambulances

A) Andra Pradesh

B) kerala

C) Assam

D) None of these

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5.National Basketball Association(NBA) opened its first academy in India in which city

A) Noida

B) Mumbai

C) Hyderabad

D) Ahmedabad

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6.Who is the new prime minister of France?

A) Bernard Casiniv

B) Eduard Phillip

C) Michael Deb

D) Manuel Valls

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