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1.Which Country Has topped World Health Organisation's latest world Health Check?

A) Jappan

B) singapore

C) India

D) None of these

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2.In Which City, India First ornamental fish park will be setup?

A) Mumbai

B) Chennai

C) Hyderabad

D) jansi

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3.Who is the first Indian woman to reach the Everest Peak for the fourth time?

A) Primmata agarwal

B) Malawath Purna

C) Lakvaka Sherpa

D) Anshu Jamsunba

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4.which country has topped Lancet Global Burden of Disease study/

A) Andorra

B) South koria

C) Brazil

D) None of these

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5.which country has supplied M777 howitzers to India

A) Russia

B) France

C) isreal

D) United State

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