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1. Late Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave's residence is known as _________.

A) Nadi Ka Ghar

B) Ghar Nadi Ka

C) Matoshree

D) None of the above

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2. CCEA approved a mission between industry and academia. What is it called?

A) Innovate in India

B) Grow in India

C) Invent in India

D) none of these

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3. GST council has finalised tax rates and approved ___ rules of the GST regime.

A) 5

B) 6

C) 7

D) 8

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4.Which year has been selected by WMO as year of polar prediction?

A) 2016

B) 2017

C) 2018

D) 2014

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5.When is the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day observed

A) May 14

B) May 15

C) May 16

D) May 17

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