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1.who is the indian women to reach the top of mount Everest for the 5 times

A) Anshu Jamesenpa

B) Reema Kumari

C) Santhosh Yadav

D) None Of these

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2.Which high-level committee has recently submitted its report on Scouts and Guides to the Union Government?

A) Harsh Malhotra committee

B) Ratan Watal committee

C) Injeti Srinivas committee

D) Abhijit Sen committee

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3.which country becomes second largest steel producer

A) India

B) jappan

C) china


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4.what is the full form of SEVA

A) Saral Eindhan Vitaran Application

B) saral Ethhonal vitaran Award

C) swachh eindhan vitaran Award

D) none of these

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5.which of the following has won President's Award 2017

A) Anil rastogi

B) Dheeraj jadhav

C) Rohan Chakravarthi

D) None of these

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