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1.For the first time in India the underwater tunnel is set under which river.

A) Hooghly

B) Brahmaputra

C) Ganga

D) Sabarmati

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2.Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture, has introduced Swach Bharat Appalachan in any museum.

A) kolkatta

B) Mumbai

C) New Delhi

D) Chennai

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3.Where was the NATO Summit held?

A) Piracels

B) Berlin

C) Paris

D) London

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4. The most crowded city in the world

A) Dhaka

B) Mumbai

C) Kotta

D) Newyork

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5.India is a place where refugees are in the migration list

A) 2nd Place

B) 3rd Place

C) 4th Place

D) 5th Place

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