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1. Where Apple has opened the first branch of Southeast Asia

A) Singapore

B) Malaysia

C) thailand

D) Philippines

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2.Which country is the largest telescope in the world to be built?

A) China

B) America

C) chili

D) japan

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3.The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the existence of Gigavirus in any city in India.

A) Gandhi Nagar

B) Ahmadabad

C) Nagpur

D) Jansi

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4.Who is named after India's longest man, Tola - Chadia

A) Prabhas Khalida

B) Jayantha Sono

C) Bhuban Hazarika

D) Gaudy clutch

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5.Nano's juniper shuttle was sent to which goal?

A) saturn

B) Mars

C) jupitar

D) venus

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6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute

A) Arunachala Pradesh

B) Assam

C) Jharkhand

D) New Delhi

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7. The largest Indian company in the world's top 10 consumer financial services companies





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8.Who is the new secretary of CBSE?

A) Sanjib Das

B) Anurag Tripathi

C) Kamal Pathak

D) Beaus Sharma

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9. Most of Facebook's list of top global leaders list

A) Donald Trumb

B) Vladimir Putin

C) Narendra Modi

D) Barack Obama

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10. Financial literacy week will be adjusted.

A) From July 5 to 9

B) From June 5 to 9

C) From May 5 to 9

D) From May 22 to 26

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11.2017 Successful World Cup winning country?

A) China

B) India

C) Jappan

D) South Korea

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12.International UN Peace Keeping Day

A) May 29

B) May 28

C) May 30

D) May 27

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